WxClient for Android

WxClient Android Requirements

Installation of WxClient

Go to Google Play and search for "WxClient" software.  Download and install WxClient.

Using WxClient for Android


There are three main screens: Current, Extremes, and Extra Sensors.

Current Extremes Extra Sensors
Current Extremes Extra Sensors

From the Extremes or Extra Sensors screen, use the back button to return to the Current screen. Pressing the Back button on the Current screen disconnects and returns to main screen.


To add stations, there are two options: manually enter the station name, address, and port; or use the automated WxSolution address publishing tool (contact Thunderhead Technologies regarding this tool).

Manually adding or editing stations

  1. Press the Menu button on the device. If the device does not have a Menu button, press and hold the Back button for a few seconds until the menu appears at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Press Stations.
  3. Press Add.
  4. Enter the station name, IP address (or name), and port (usually 4001).
  5. Press OK when complete.
Main Menu Stations Menu Add/Edit Station

Connecting to a station

Press "Connect to a station" on the main screen and a list of stations appear. Select the desired station to connect.


Release Notes for WxClient Android


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