Heathkit® ID-5001 Advanced Weather Computer

Picture of ID-5001


The Heathkit ID-5001 Advanced Weather Computer was introduced by the Heath Company in 1987.  The ID-5001 was sold to Forecast Technologies in the 1990s.

Service and Parts

Contact Forecast Technologies for service and replacement parts for the ID-5001 and ID-4001 weather stations.

Thunderhead Technologies LLC does not sell replacement parts!

Year 2000 (Y2K)

Thunderhead Technologies has noted that a very minor Y2K issue was identified in its own independent testing. When the ID-5001 "rolls-over" from 12-31-1999 to 01-01-2000, the year becomes 100 (instead of 00) and appears as "10" on the console.

To correct the year from the console:

The date will also appear as (with the '/' date separator character) "100/01/01" on the serial port.


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