The Hanson Anemometer

Hanson Hand-held Anemometer

Hanson Mast-mount Anemometer
Hand-held Anemometer Mast-mount Anemometer
shown with Desk mount display holder
(mast not included)
Display (1.5" x 1.5")
Reliability, Simplicity, Versatility

The Hanson Anemometer by Thunderhead Technologies brings to the weather enthusiast and the serious professional a wind speed measuring instrument that stands in a class by itself. Never before has such a device provided a wealth of features and configurations at an affordable price. It was developed by a weather enthusiast for weather enthusiasts.

Reliability. The Hanson Anemometer is a rugged hand-held device which is constructed from quality, time-tested materials to deliver years of maintenance-free service. The Anemometer will operate continuously from two "button" batteries for up to two years. No more reliance on AC, 12 VDC, or solar power. No more susceptibility to data loss from a power loss. The anemometer will continue to perform in the worst of conditions.

Simplicity. The Hanson Anemometer is a simple instrument to operate - just hold it in the wind! It is always powered on measuring the wind for you. The display is large and the controls are easy operate. The Anemometer is light and easy to hold.

Versatility. The Hanson Anemometer is a hand-held instrument that can accurately measure wind speeds higher than most anyone can stand in! Yet the cups are also responsive to the slightest breeze. So you can be confident it will perform for you no matter how you use it.

Not only can you use the Anemometer as a hand-held instrument but it can also be installed permanently. With simple customizations, it can be mast-mounted on a roof, or on a boat, or on a post - the possibilities are endless. The unit can accommodate a wide range of applications.

Homeowners, gardeners, agriculturalists, mariners, amateur and professional weather enthusiasts, and storm chasers can all benefit from the Hanson Anemometer.


Wind Speed




Average Speed

Dimensions (approximate)


Power Source

Pricing and Ordering Information


Hanson Hand-held Anemometer $174.95
Hanson Mast-mount Anemometer
Includes desktop display holder and 75 feet of wire.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.  Discounts on orders of 5 or more units are available upon request.


Product Comparison

Compare the Hanson Anemometer to other popular instruments and see its incredible value:

Current Speed

Hanson Anemometer Wind Wizard Airguide WinDial Sou'Wester Turbo Meter DIC-3
x x x x x x
Peak gust x         x
Average Speed x         x1
Totalizing x         x2
Power source 6-12 month batteries none none none AAA batteries 9V battery3
Display Digital Analog Analog Analog Digital Digital
Mounting hand/perm hand hand hand4/perm hand hand
Price $174.95 $44.95 $129.95 $125.00 $165.00 $350.00

1 Only two and five minute average speeds available
2 Requires manual analysis using Data Logger (additional $400.00 component)
3 Battery only powers unit for about 70 hours of continuous use
4 Not intended as hand-held unit though it may be possible for such use
5 Last known advertised sales price (as of Dec. 1996)

Totalizing anemometers for evaporation stations cost $1,000.00 or more (6820 Series, Scientific Sales, Inc.)

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